Sania and Papa – Raazzi

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Errant musings, Uncategorized
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Yes, this is a tale of Papa being raazi and Paparazzi

And this is not about tennis. I don’t have the slightest idea about Sania’s prowess on the grass or beyond. All my opinions about her are derived from what I have read about her and some conclusions drawn based on it, obviously limited by my mental faculties.

Let me see , what I remember of her. Obviously , I have received a few forwarded emails , which show her in different postures – some chasing the ball and some off court. Nice T – shirts , pretty colorful ones , I would say.

And then always some news about her injuries and early exits from tournaments. I wonder, if I can call her the Indian Anna Kournikova. If not equally pretty , but they both played bad …right ? Quite high on the glam , very low on the rest.

But this lady surely knows how to be in the news, from walking out of press conferences to announcements of marriage to old childhood friend. Fairly fairy tale kinda -stuff. Everybody was like Sohrab -who ? And then plenty of photo shoots of demure Sania and smiling Man along with her. Quite picture perfect.

But not before the Papparazzi sniffed pre-marital rift, all wasn’t right. They claimed the chap wasn’t too keen on her playing. Not for me to comment, but a declining career, it would have made a better sense to wish adieus to the sporting career. And maybe baking as the alternate profession for her.

But the biggest surprise was the new man in the picture. I was majorly amused when the news of the linkup with Mr. Malik came up. So somebody did take the “Aman ki Asha” thing very seriously.

Boy, post that its been a field day for all the news hungry media. Somebody dug up Mr. Siddiqui and then some footage of Arun Lal with Sohaib Malik . And the supposed pop -in -law breathing fire and threatening legal action. All the journos must be swooning in delight covering all that. Obviously who wants to cover riots, when you can sit in the cool airconditioned environs, hog on Shaadi ki Mithai and get the bytes also.

And then this become prime time news too , followed by stories of across border marriages. Now its all over TV, print and the blogosphere is buzzing too. I guess , there will be some more hoopla around this for more sometime.

Well this is what I call Paparazzi coming in post Papa being raazi for the wedding

Btw have a look at this video…Celina prancing to the song  ” Sania Badnaam”


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