What of me , what about me you want to know

Questions that bother and demand answers

I hate defining myself, at least for others

I still continue to trudge on the path of self discovery

Your questions are not welcome for they make me uncomfortable

They force me to compare myself with others

I hate being categorised and branded

Oopsies…I guess that went a bit too far. Perhaps this is the most lame attempt from me to write some melancholy stuff. And it is something which I realised I can never do. So……Why fake !!!

I am just an inconsequential guy…blink and miss types.

Asutosh Upadhyay


An entrepreneur by occupation and heart too. I am currently a partner at a startup called LordsOfOdds. We are the first guys to implement Prediction markets as a fantasy gaming concept in India. Do ping me if that interests you the slightest bit. I will buy you a coffee/beer and make you listen to me for hours.The choice is yours.

Before LordsOfOdds I was co-founder at a HR services firm. So I do know a bit about recruitment (mal)practices in India. And I provide advisory services on poaching talent on ad-hoc basis. Let me know if you need any help.

Beyond work, there’s a plenty of stuff which interest me often,particularly not so cool stuff.

I drool over crappy bollywood stuff, the likes of David Dhawan make more sense to me than a Benegal. Sometimes I feel like playing critic…so you might find an odd post with a movie dissected mercilessly . Some cue..it will be most probably be an SRK/Kjo movie.

Politics of the nation doesn’t bother me too much …I dont care what Raj Thackeray does to my brethren from UP in Mumbai. Go Raj go…I am with you …send all the Bhaiya’s back to where they came from. Then you can grab all the jobs of cab drivers, milk wallahs and sabziwallahs for your own stock. Have fun doing that….

And if I am not working, reading, watching TV or blogging, you can find me cooking. Yes, I like dishing up my own poison( I do know a bit about brewing also). My ever increasing girth is a proof do that, something you won’t miss.

Btw …apart from blogging very infrequently , I tweet too, follow me @asutosh . However I am still trying to learn to convey myself within 140 characters.I prefer doodling and blogging to tweeting.

Well..i guess thats quite a bit about me…catch the professional version of me here , on linkedin

  1. Hi i would like to have a back link from your site. Let me know your views on our site.

    Warm Regards,

    Anurag Sharma

  2. siddartha says:

    I have been keenly following the online betting space evolving in India, specially circumventing legal barriers.

    I am a consultant to startups and MSMBs. Will be good to connect with you and Harharan on Linked IN. Provided my profile link here.


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